17 Facts for Your Consideration.

Here are indisputable facts of apostasy of “the Brethren”. I call out “the Brethren” because a corporate institution (“the Church”) can’t apostatize. But real people can. We know by sad experience that men begin to exercise unrighteous dominion as soon as they get a little authority,  as they suppose. While regular members can, should be, and are accountable for tolerating corruption or even worse, asking for corrupt leaders, the greater blame must rest upon those in the chief red seats, who knowingly keep up the deception that they are “special” witnesses, when in fact they have no greater witness than any other person who has a testimony by the Spirit.

Please keep in mind that I LOVE Christ, and LOVE The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love the people. I have loved every minute of my time in the Church and still do. Please don’t entertain the silly notion that I’m anti Mormon.

What I am is opposed to falsehood.  I’m anti falsehood, or anti fraud. I have allegiance to Truth and to Christ. Don’t you? We are alike, not different in this regard, so please don’t label me inaccurately.

I separate Christ from any institution. They are not one in the same. Christ doesn’t depend on any corporation to exist or to save. Christ alone tread the winepress. He alone should be the Object of our worship. The Church does not equal Jesus Christ. The Brethren, however, would have you believe otherwise, as we shall see in # 1 below.

Some of you may think I’ve fallen off my rocker.  You may be in disbelief that I could “fall.” You may think, “How could so-and-so be deceived and have lost her/his faith? I thought she/he was so strong in the Gospel.  It must be the last days.”

You must listen and discern what I’m saying and what I’m not saying. I still 100% believe in Christ, I believe the BoM is true, that Joseph was a true prophet, and that Christ restored many truths via Joseph Smith.

Does that sound apostate?

What I’m pointing out is what Elder Poelman pointed out in 1984 — that Christ is true, and His gospel is true, but that Truth is separate and independent from an institution, and in our case, a corporate institution, led by corporate officers.

There IS a distinction. I’m making that distinction, and that distinction is HUGE. It cannot be overstated. You may not even understand what I’m saying. Please pause and think about it. Christ is not a corporation. Christ is not a building. Christ is not “the Brethren”. He is infallible and perfect. The church and the Brethren are fallible and imperfect and certainly corrupt compared to Him.

As Rock Waterman mentioned here about the 1984 incident:

This incident is key to understanding what is right about the modern LDS Church, and what seems to be going terribly wrong.  Joseph Smith stressed continually that the Church of Jesus Christ consisted of the members of the church. It was never intended to operate as a top-down organization.  The “body of Christ”  is not the proprietary claim of those who have positioned themselves as gatekeepers of that body, no matter what claims to authority they may invoke, and no matter how well intended their motives. Had they left Elder Poelman’s talk alone, the leadership would have enabled the membership to better understand their place within the Church, and tens of thousands of those who have since thrown up their hands in frustration and left, might still be here within our ranks.

My exhortation: Don’t trust me. Trust the Lord. Look at the facts. Don’t put your head in the sand and ignore the irrefutable evidences of apostasy of the Brethren. Don’t be foolish and interpret “doubt your doubts” as meaning you should ignore evidence of apostasy (or hints of something your gut says isn’t right). Does your gut tell you the following facts are worthy of your careful consideration?

Let me start with some basic facts:

  1. Elder Poelman’s 1984 re-filmed General Conference talk. An inspired message replaced with correlated material that gutted the original talk. Unbelievably, the original video can be found on the Internet, and the whitewashed, spliced one found at http://www.lds.org at this link. This is an irrefutable fact, and a very ugly black eye on the Church.
  2. Excommunicating Denver Snuffer, a man who testifies he’s sent by God to deliver a message. The facts pertaining to this event can be found here.
  3. Excommunicating many other righteous people, some who testified they’ve seen God.
  4. Conducting said disciplinary actions in darkness (the euphemism is “confidentiality”, even when such confidentiality is specifically refused by the member who’s being disciplined, who wants the proceedings or charges to see the light of day), in direct contradiction of Scripture. See DC 42:81,90-91.
  5. Spending BILLIONS (not millions) of sacred tithing funds on commercial endeavors (like the SLC Mall).
  6. Section 6.7.3 of the Handbook of Instructions, where it clearly defines “apostasy” as disobeying priesthood leaders. Of course, that’s unrighteous dominion 101 and in complete defiance of the gospel, and in complete harmony with every tyrant in human history.
  7. Refusing to publish church financial numbers since the early 1960’s.
  8. Incorporating the Church in 1923 (making it subject to the state and not God).
  9. Establishing a Corporate Sole, whereby the acting president of the Church has 100% ownership of all Church assets and funds.
  10. Giving the impression (lying) that the Brethren are a lay clergy, when in fact there is quiet acknowledgement that they get paid, but not publishing how much their total compensation is. Same with Mission Presidents.
  11. The Quorum of the Twelve continuing to intentionally mislead the members that they have seen Christ face-to-face, or that their “witness” is greater than any typical Mormon who has a spiritual witness that Jesus Christ lives.
  12. Removing the Lectures on Faith in 1921 from LDS Canon. The Lectures were added as Scripture, and sustained unanimously in 1835. In 1921 they were removed without a Church vote.
  13. In 1981, the Church canonized a few excerpts from addresses Wilford Woodruff gave, by adding them to OD 1 in the D&C. There was one addition for which we might place major blame for the Brethren’s apostasy.  The key anti Christ precept that was added was that the Lord would not permit the president of the Church to lead the Church astray. This is anti Christ and in complete opposition to reason and Scripture. There was no vote on this addition to our canon, and in fact, there was no announcement even in General Conference. The only reference one can find is buried in the Ensign Magazine in October 1981. This is verifiable evidence of operating in darkness, and much of our systemic apostasy can be directly attributed to this insidious, unapproved addition snuck into our Scriptures in 1981.
  14. The principle of Common Consent now ignored completely in the Church.
  15. The curriculum and even General Conference talks are approved and correlated from unnamed bureaucrats in SLC. Are you tired of the same lessons every 4 years in Sunday School, or lightweight talks watered down so they’re barely even milk, much less meat?   Or  if you’re a youth, you may get the same lesson in the 2nd AND 3rd hour at church. We have a top-down Church. Everyone knows the maxim, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Decentralization should be our aspiration, while centralization should be militantly avoided and opposed. Instead, just the opposite reality is manifested in the Church. History teaches us the result of centralizing all power is always decadence and corruption.
  16. In contradiction of the Scriptures, the Quorum of the Twelve has authority over all stakes in the Church, when the D&C clearly states that each stake high council is the supreme authority for that stake.  Joseph set up a decentralized kingdom, but now all power and authority resides with 15 men who govern the Saints like bureaucrats in Washington DC attempt to govern remote Americans far removed from the nation’s capital.
  17. The Brethren refuse to refute or publicly discuss or “debate”, if you will, any of the items on this list. They ALL justify an explanation. To refuse to discuss ANY of them is evidence of gross unrighteous dominion and cover-up.

These are just a few things that come to mind that PROVE there is apostasy (a departure from the principles of the gospel) at the highest levels of Church leadership. Any ONE of the above items should be addressed by the Brethren, but NONE are addressed.

Do you think the Brethren should address these openly? Or do you think they should keep these matters private and seek deep to hide their counsel?

Do you believe potentially “dark” things should be brought to light? Are you for transparency or secrecy?

Do you at least acknowledge these things above are “dark” deeds?

Should we members sweep them under the rug? Should we go along to get along?

Should we all just remain quiet and chant “All is well in Zion”?


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