Seeking to be One With…

Who do you believe the Church seeks to become one with right now, the state or the Lord?

Is not the Church pushing of the dehumanizing masks and the experimental gene therapy (vaccines) evidence of the leaders’ loyalty? What evidence can members point to which back up a belief the Church seeks to be one with the Lord? Is it not clear all it does is try to stay in the good graces of the state, for the obvious priestcraft reason of seeking gain and praise of the world?

At some point the Church will have to say NO to the state. But here’s an easy prediction: The Church can’t say NO and will not say NO. Its master is the state. Hundreds of billions of dollars is at stake. The state taught the Church a big lesson in 1890, and the Church has no intention of having to be taught that lesson again!

“We’re thankful for those who fought and died to preserve our freedoms”

This now officially qualifies as vain and repetitious prayer language.

What else can we call it?



Outrageous virtue signaling?

Utterly meaningless?

Here’s the context: In this dystopian year of 2020, mass numbers of people walk around wearing masks even with zero sound scientific basis. They submit to the state’s (i.e., lying, sociopath politicians who deign to be a loving nanny state) mandates, with apparent no comprehension of what Liberty is, or what our natural, God-given rights are, and how they are flagrantly being assaulted by the Nanny State.

My point is this: henceforth, let no man or woman who wears a mask without the slightest protest ever utter that they are thankful for “those who died in war fighting for our liberty” when they are so unwilling to even utter a peep in protest when they are asked by some random business employee who’s “just following orders” to wear a mask in order to enter a business.

Let’s compare the two:

  1. George Washington who proved he was willing to die to be free. Or any of the men and women who actually did die or risk dying to fight for Freedom from England’s tyranny.
  2. The mask wearer who rolls over with no attempt to even protest the totalitarianism being inflicted on him, as he silently complies with an abusive and evil mandate. Yes, it’s abject tyranny to mandate to another human being that they wear certain clothing (a mask) or to comply with a medical protocol (wear a mask) that the other person can prove is actually UNHEALTHY!

Could the contrast not be more extreme? One knew what he was fighting for. He’d rather die on his feet, than live on his knees. The other, the subject of the Nanny State, is content to live on his knees. At what point will the slave fight back? Is it not reprehensible to have another human being attempt to force you to wear something (a mask) that is actually unhealthy? Essentially, the mandate is designed to harm the wearer, all while the dictator says, “it’s for your health”. And what of the assault on rights and Liberty?

The tyrant never talks about rights or Liberty other than to lie and say, “you better do this or we’re gonna have millions die, and it’ll be your fault! You must comply to save lives!” They shame people into compliance, and create divisiveness in society as an intended byproduct of the mandate. How else will the criminal mind justify his crime? He’d be honest, “True, I’m violating your liberty and right to do what God may be telling you is healthy and better for you, but since I’m sociopath politician, you will obey me or suffer the consequences that the state can inflict upon you!” That confession will come from their lips?

Why not say this the next time some employee who’s “just following orders” asks you to wear a mask, “My forefathers died for my and your freedom of choice, such as to wear or not wear certain clothing (a mask), or to be free to make medical decisions based on what we feel is healthy (not wear a mask). Can you respect that please, or do I need to speak with your manager, or do you need to call the police over my desire to be free? Or, can I just conduct my business here without you infringing upon my Liberty? I don’t want any trouble. I appreciate you and respect your choice to wear a mask. I just do not consent and do not believe it’s healthy or intelligent to wear one, and believe it’s tyrannical.”

The Religion of the State Now Being Imposed

Political power is a religion to authoritarians.

Sociopaths, as the Book of Mormon teaches, believe they have the right to rule. Their elitist mentality categorizes society into classes, with them at the top, and everyone else below them, who must be controlled by political power. The tyrant seeks to make you submit to them. The Satan-worshipping criminal mind in government, if it can, will force you to participate in Satanic rituals riddled with symbols and symbolic actions.

Satan manifests his will plainly through the COVID-19 “pandemic”, and his will is to convince you to submit to him and his servants, and if you do not consent willingly, he will make you submit. Coercion always characterizes Satan’s spirit, which permeates government.

Do you consent to this state religion where you are required to submit to the state, and give up your liberty? Do you pledge your allegiance to the state? Do you desire to practice through masked ritual this religion where you must cover your humanity, and stop acting like a human?

COVID-19 is an attempt to force people to worship the state, and has been wildly successful! Satan knows his days are numbered. Zion is about to be established and the Lord is soon to return to earth. If a portal to heaven (a real temple) is soon to be built, at which place heavenly beings come to earth, preparatory to Christ’s Second Coming, and establishment of His reign, then wouldn’t Satan be scrambling to oppose, and even open up his own portal into the world of demons?

What would you do if you were fighting for your life, knowing your kingdom and great possessions were about to be destroyed by your enemy? If your goal was to make humans miserable like yourself and to exterminate them, and you knew you were almost out of time, what would you do?

It’s hard to think like Satan. A normal person cannot imagine having a purpose to hurt others, and especially to murder them. But IF you can just try to imagine you had that intention, what would you do?

You would pull out all the stops to engineer a mass murder holocaust on the scale of the Nephite and Jaredite destructions, would you not? You would want to create a war of all wars, something global. And first and foremost, in order to pull off your evil plan, you’d have to deceive people and get them begging for their own destruction, but believing it was for their own safety and welfare.

I give you COVID-19, the greatest mind control exercise, purely Satanic, in the history of the world, whereby the entire globe is being forced, with many people sincerely believing because of their fear, every lie the state pushes on them.

They love the lie. They want the lie. They are telestial (DC 76:103) because the telestial person “loves and makes a lie.” They are “liars.” They are “adulterers, and whoremongers” because they put their trust in their god of state rather than the bridegroom, the Lord. They cheat on Him.

They consider it a duty and honor “to be good global citizens”, loyal subjects and slaves to the state.

Make no mistake about it, Satan is rolling out his religion, and he’s highlighting his number “6”, Obey him! Make sure you social distance 6 feet apart from the nearest human to you. Satan doesn’t just want you to separate yourself and be distrustful of your fellow human. He has other dictates: Shelter in place and do not interact with other humans; wear the occult mask to show you consent to being muzzled and taking on a new identity (a witting or unwitting subject of the NWO); cover the image of God (your face), and signal your worshipful obedience to the state, your master.

Do you consent to this religion?

COVID-19 has Lucifer’s fingerprints all over it.

And you can bet this religion will lead to deaths on a scale the earth has never seen. The miracle is that the majority of the people appear to be willing participants in rolling out a plan designed to destroy them.

The Next Big Lie?

Covid-19 is a psy-op.

Trump nor any politician can expose it because they would get ridiculed out of town. Trump COULD have, but because he’s gone along with it and PROMOTED it, he’s not just part of the deception, he’s quarterbacking it.

Whoever raises the voice of opposition to the Covid-19 LIE will be branded as a kook like Ron Paul was. Think of the great and spacious building.

Exposing 911 as an inside job is the perfect example of how the fear of being mocked keeps most prominent people in check. The powers-that-be know from experience that anybody who exposes 911 as an inside job or any government big lie will be crushed politically. Ridicule is their weapon of choice.

The lesson learned from all the false flags and gaslighting effots is that the big lie will not be opposed. So therefore, why not go for the big lie? Now the big lie is that there’s a boogie man that’s invisible. It’s carte blanche to destroy lives, businesses, churches, families, rights, Liberty, the economy.

Covid-19 is the greatest global hoax in the history of planet Earth.

But it raises the obvious question of, What will the next LIE be told that eclipses this incredible lie?

If they can get over half the population to submit to covering their humanity (by wearing masks) when it actually HARMS people by restricting oxygen flow and increasing carbon dioxide intake, then honestly, how will they next push the envelope?

Today I was at a county feed store, and quipped to the country clerk, you better get ready for King Andy (our state governor) to send his minions to inject you with a Bill Gates’ healthy vaccine! To which he replied, “they gonna get the tip of an AK-47 in their mouth if they try that here.”

Lots of people are drawing the line at the vaccine. That’s what I’m hearing in rural Kentucky.

Maybe half the people are okay with the livelihoods of others being destroyed.

I called a local health dept today and spoke with one of the employees who goes around threatening businesses with fines. I asked him, “Where will you draw the line? Are you okay with taking Bill Gate’s vaccine?”

To which he responded, “I am. Besides, they’ll force us state employees to get the vaccine.”

I encouraged him to study the dangers of the vaccines. He seemed content to get injected. I changed tactics, asking him, “Who are the most corrupt, deceitful people in society?”

He quietly acknowledged it was the political class. He didn’t argue the point which is universally understood.

I reminded him, “At the beginning of our conversation, you said it came down to BELIEF in what the government is telling the people. If you believe the government, you’ll wear the masks. If you don’t, you’ll object.”

I continued matter-of-factly, “So you have decided to put your belief in the most corrupt liars in the country. Are you sure you want to trust them with your health? Could they have motives that are not in the best interest of the people, but in the best interests of evil people and combinations who want to destroy the People (life and liberty)?”

He actually seemed to get the point. He thanked me for not cussing him out, because he said the last couple of days lots of people have been cussing him out (as he went around threatening businesses with fines).

I told him we could disagree with civility. I encouraged him to research vaccines, and to not take them, and asked him to consider what his in the sand will be, and then said “Good day” to him.

In conclusion, what will the next great lie be? Hard to imagine there could be a greater lie than the Covid-19 lie. The next lie, rest assured, will cause people to harm themselves even more than breathing less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. The mask mandates are just a warm up for future sinister, death-producing mandates, which obvious to me anyway, will include a vaccine and digital currency, both of which will harm humanity.

How This False Flag is Different from All Others of the Past

Covid-19 is a hoax. The only question up for debate is the degree of the hoax. Is it 100% hoax or only 95%? Perhaps there is a virus. Perhaps not. That remains to be seen. There are no body bags in the streets. Healthcare workers aren’t quitting en masse (and that’s not because they are heroes). You cannot find anybody who knows anybody who has died from Covid-19 exclusively.

What is universally admitted, even by those who trust the government as a benevolent group of kind individuals who want to protect and serve the people, and also admitted by government leaders themselves, is that the original projections of deaths were wildly “off” (as if the predictions were an innocent mistake), so much that Covid-19 is LESS harmful than the common flu that makes its rounds every winter. And keep in mind, the Covid-19 statistics are inflated with actual causes of deaths that were NOT Covid-related.

Covid-19 is the latest example of government false flags, where the government creates an “attack” and blames the attack on a “threat” or “enemy” when there was none in order to justify its response which always results in violence against people’s rights or their lives. For the last 20-25 years the government has brilliantly used “terrorism” as the boogie man. Terrorists could be anywhere or be anybody, under every rock. The genius behind calling our enemy “terrorism” is that it’s so nebulous, but still scary, and by not defining clearly the enemy, the war against it would be never-ending.

A few famous historical false flag examples:

Example #1: the 1933 burning of the Reichstag, an arson attack on the home of the German parliament in Berlin, four weeks after Hitler came to power. Hitler wanted more power, and he got it. False flags are very effective! Example #2: the Gulf of Tonkin incident led to the Vietnam War. The third example is the inside job of 911 which has led to endless wars and millions of deaths in the Middle East, and the violation of Americans’ rights at home. There are so many false flags in our recent American history that the question need only be, “What and when will the next one be?”

The difference between this “threat” on not just the American people, but the people of the entire globe, is that heretofore the false flags have not impacted each individual (sans the countless numbers who have died via the military-industrial complex’s wars). What I mean is that in the past each individual has been free to identify the lie and go on with their individual life, not really being forced to believe the lie and to act as if the lie were true. I realize that many people forcibly drafted by the U.S. military into the Vietnam War were compelled to serve in a war they objected to.

Many thousands were forced to be to actors in a military fight against a 3rd world country that posed no threat to America, all while the real enemy (the Gadianton oligarchs) was funding communism and still does worldwide.

Now the perpetuators of false flags have waxed exceedingly bold. The powers-that-be now require BILLIONS of people to play along with the charade. But it’s not a pointless charade. What is the point? If you think of the hoax as coming from the mind of Satan, it all makes perfect sense.

Satan hates God and His creation. So this hoax is an attack on humanity. By virtue of the government UNLAWFULLY dictating who is essential and non essential, the attack is on life itself, because a person cannot eat if he doesn’t work. “By the sweat of your brow” are we commanded to work. So the government prevents the keeping of God’s commandment to work as well as violates the right to life. There are other ways humanity is attacked. We are social creatures, but we are required, again, UNLAWFULLY, to “social distance”, a phrase that nobody even had heard of a few months ago. Now it’s part of our vocabulary, as well as “shelter in place”, which is another way of attempting to force humans to not interact with each other, and to keep out of the sun (Son).

Yes, this is a Satanic attack on Christianity and the truth that we are made in the image of God.

The biggest assault on humanity is the requirement to cover our faces with a mask, thereby hiding the image of God, our faces. Satan laughs with delight as he watches the peoples of all nations bow down in obeisance to his absurd dictates which attack humanity, and destroy livelihoods.

Why Transgenderism is the New Homosexuality

The last year or so we have witnessed an incredible acceleration of public propaganda pushing transgenderism.

Why is this?

It has everything to do with the light and truth that has been given through a living prophet on March 25, 2018 regarding to true nature of God and man in a talk entitled, Our Divine Parents.

In the talk, Heavenly Mother is discussed in great detail, with Her name given, as well as the revealed truth that Elohim and frequent references to “God” in the Old Testament refers to BOTH Heavenly Father and Mother.

In this talk, it was confirmed, in detail, that Adam and Eve were two separate beings. Their divine parents were revealed. Christ and His wife were the Parents of Adam, and Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother were the parents of Eve, who was named after her Mother.

Shortly after this talk in the Spring of 2018, the transgender movement has gone on steroids. While transgenderism has been known for decades, the MSM and government hasn’t been pushing it relentlessly, until after the Spring of 2018.

Before Denver’s talk in March 2018, the topic was largely out of the consciousness of most Americans. Now, it’s coming to a bathroom, locker room, or sports team near you. Literally. Due to one of the most evil rulings the Supreme Court has ever made, it is now illegal to discriminate against transgenders.

You must hire them if they’re qualified. You cannot refuse them participating on the sports team of their choice. You cannot reject them as a teacher at your private university. You cannot forbid a biological man (who claims to be a woman) from undressing and entering a women’s shower room. If your church wants only biological women to be the leader of its young women’s youth program, too bad! It must not reject a man who identifies as a woman. Girl Scouts must allow biological males to be on staff. Boy Scouts cannot discriminate against a young woman who says she’s a boy. She’s allowed to go on camping trips. When she turns up pregnant from the latest 3-day hike, it’ll be no mystery what happened. Even language is being assaulted. The transgenders object to the pronouns “he” or “she”, and prefer “they”, as you’d expect an androgyne to wish for.

Take Your Shot Now!

For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and a marvelous work among the children of men; a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other—either to the convincing of them unto peace and life eternal, or unto the deliverance of them to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of the devil, of which I have spoken.

1 Nephi 14:7

The “work” that the Lord will work will be binary. People will be faced with two choices. There will be a choice. People will be convinced about the Lord and choose Him, or they will turn away from Him on account of “the hardness of their hearts and blindness of their minds.”

What will that choice be? And how will the choice be presented?

With the rolling out of the Corona Virus “pandemic”, I’ve finally got a plausible answer to this question.

First, let me give you some context by sharing a snapshot in time on this the Lord’s birthday, April 6 in the year of our Lord 2020. The world is in the midst of its greatest worldwide assault on the rights of mankind. The United Nations (the WHO, etc.) , the planet’s most serious threat to peace and liberty ever since its inception, has identified an invisible enemy (Covid-19). As a quick aside, notice how evil governments have transitioned to invisible “enemies”. For 20 years+ it’s been “terrorism”, which allows anybody or any nation to be labeled a “terrorist”, except the United States, of course. Now the enemy is an unseen boogie man representative of an existential threat against the human species.

Covid-19 is being touted by the MSM, the mainstream medical establishment, and all levels of government up to and including President Trump, as the source of the attack on humanity. It supposedly started in Wuhan, and now the entire globe is being impacted.

Speaking of the U.S., basically the economy has shut down by order of sociopath government officials and we have been plunged into a Great Depression. The difference between 1929 and now is that the Fed Reserve System can print out trillions of dollars, since the tie to gold and silver has long since been abolished. Normally, it would be an easy prediction that there would be spikes in crime and looting when people are denied the right and liberty of working to subsist. An assault on this natural right is an assault on one’s life, and the people would resist within a matter of days or a few weeks. Due to the government putting virtually everyone on the dole, there is food to eat (for most), and plenty of Netflix to watch. The old Roman strategy of bread and circuses is being executed flawlessly, and has been proven to be effective beyond even the Roman tyrant’s wildest expectations.

After studying this for 3 months , my thoughts now are that this is largely a hoax. Any deaths that may be “new” (with no comorbidities) may be explained by the impact of 5G (short millimeter wave technology) rollout in certain areas. If 5G is a serious radiation threat, the PTB (powers that be) need a distraction, and the made-up Corona Virus story is perfect. They can shut down the economy, promote their latest vaccines, and more.

How does this tie into 1 Nephi 14:7.

It has occurred to me that the “choice” that verse 7 talks about could very well be the government law that will certainly come down the pike which REQUIRES everyone to get a vaccine (that is designed to kill and mark you), or even more likely, to sign up for the government’s mandated digital currency, while cash and other forms of digital currency are outlawed.

When this tyranny comes, people will have a choice: take the shot and allow toxins and nanotechnology into their bodies, or resist. Or the choice may come down to taking the “mark of the beast” (the digital currency) so you can work and buy things, or to refuse, and be cut off from employment and the ability to buy or sell things.

For those who willingly obey the State (Satan), they will literally be “brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually…” You won’t be able to buy or sell without the digital currency, and you will be getting slowly killed by the vaccine.

More thoughts to come later.

The “invisible hand” Severed at the Wrist

Adam Smith in the Wealth of Nations spoke of the invisible hand of the marketplace. Millions of people, in a state of freedom, will decide what to buy and what to sell.

The invisible hand determines the supply and demand.

God speaks to us an individuals, or you may say our consciences speak to each of us. We then decide what we need, how to take care of ourselves, what is a priority, what isn’t, what we can afford or cannot afford. WE know what is best for ourselves and our families.

The socialist, or Satanic, or communist, or centralized, or leftist approach essentially severs the invisible hand at the wrist. The elitist mind believes it has the wisdom of what the market (people) needs, how to do it, when to do, how much to produce, how much to charge, etc. In short, this mind believes its omniscient benevolence qualifies it to run an economy for an entire society comprised even of hundreds millions individuals. This is a lie.

They believe they are the illuminated ones and they should rule over their people. This is the essence of an authoritarian.

In this current state of national and state emergency, with the so-called COVID-19, governors like Democrat Socialist Andy Beshear in Kentucky are unlawfully, unethically, illegally, and consciously shutting down whole state economies. Andy refers to Kentuckians as “my people.”

His tyranny knows no bounds, as he violates our very right to live.

How is this so? How is our right to live violated by the edicts of this dictator?

It’s very simple. To live, we must work. But Andy forbids people from working. Therefore he directly assaults the People’s right to life. He orders the People to “social distance” (the new buzzword in our society) and to stay in our homes as much as possible. What I am describing is martial law just before troops appear on the streets and force people by threat of gun and imprisonment to do the governor’s will.

What the governor is doing is exactly akin to a man walking up to a man who’s working (let’s say a farmer out in the field producing food, but it could be a restaurant worker, or car salesman or chiropractor who works to feed him/herself), and says, under threat of government force (guns and prison and fines), “get out of your field. Stop working. But don’t worry, my friend! I care for you. I will give you some food later so you won’t starve.”).

By forbidding “his” people to work, he DIRECTLY assaults our very lives.

“But,” his defenders say, “he is trying to protect us. He loves us. He will give us food if we need it.”

The deceived do not ask, “Where does the food come from, but working people?” They would reply, “The people who produce food are an essential business, and therefore are allowed to work, along with other essential businesses.”

“Who decides which people are essential and which are not?”

They government replies, “We do.”

Who are “we”? Who is the government? Oh, it’s just typically the most corrupt of any people in a given society. It’s the criminals. It’s the liars. And it’s not just liars, but polished liars. So they are the ones who decide who can work and who can’t!

So a health professional like a chiropractor can’t work. The list is pages long of people who can’t work. And there is a short list of people who can work. The arbitrary line is set by the corrupt element of society who are professional liars.

But people fall for the lie. They want to be lied to. The masses want bread and circus, and the benevolent dictators are willing to give them what they want. They want security. And the government enthusiastically proposes to save everybody it can. “No child left behind,” after all.

All that is required is that the people forsake their rights! All that is required is control of the People be given to the central planners! And the people are happy to give away their Liberty and Rights! The elite rule laughs at the ease, but pursues a steady course of offering up one emergency and crisis after another. It is a proven plan.

It’s insane. It’s evil. It’s calculated. One could debate whether a particular politician in a leadership position is a useful idiot or directing things. But at the end of the day, whether it’s the puppet master or the puppet, the result is the same. An agenda is being followed. You cannot exonerate the puppet by foolishly saying,o “Oh, he’s such a caring man, he would never do something evil.”

But many Kentuckians fall for Andy’s pretended “love” for his people. They think he’s such a nice, caring man, having no inkling of the basic right to life that Andy the Tyrant is directly violating, either as a puppet or director. In fact, many people WILLINGLY and GLADLY sacrifice their very right to life, believing Andy’s sweet lines that he loves his people, and believing that his edicts are the right thing to do, not even considering they are willingly forfeiting their own right to live by trusting in big brother government.

I am reminded of the scene in Gladiator when the young, sociopath emperor, who murdered his father, spoke his deranged lunacy to the Roman Senate:

Explaining that he is the one who intimately understands his people and their needs and wants, the emperor proclaims it’s his fatherly love for the people that qualifies him to act wisely as their benevolent leader, “I am their father. The people are my children.” He then goes on to announce the Roman strategy of bread and circuses to distract the people.

The God of Nature Surgically Removes Trumpet of Moroni, Sending Message to the LDS Church

A sermon was preached today. Was it received?

It happened just hours ago this Wednesday morning, March 18, 2020.

An earthquake shook the Salt Lake City area (epicenter in Magna, UT, just west of SLC) that registered a 5.7. Very little damage was reported overall. See

But there was some damage. One example involved the statue of Moroni atop the SLC Temple. What a fantastic message was sent by the trumpet literally being surgically removed from Moroni’s hand and lips!! See for yourself. The statue stands unscathed, but the means of warning the people has been muted!

Picture taken today, March 18, 2020 (the day a 5.7 earthquake struck Salt Valley).

Could the message be anything other than God delivering a sermon to the LDS Church just prior to the LDS General Conference that there are no inspired warnings coming from the Brethren? That they have no trumpet? No gifts of seership or any prophetic spiritual gifts?

Here’s what Moroni should look like (see photo below)! How in the world did the trumpet just happen to fall out of Moroni’s hand? TBM’s will just laugh it off, but no man knocked the trumpet off the statue! It was Nature! Can’t debate that. And just perhaps it was God sending a message to all who have eyes to see! “And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord…” D&C 112: 25.

Incidentally, a true prophet named “David” by the Lord, Denver Snuffer, will be speaking this coming weekend. We shall see what message of warning or words from on high he announces to the world. Will be interesting. Stay tuned!

This is the End!

Heavenly Father promises that if you do three things after being baptized by water and fire, you will “have eternal life”.

In 2 Nephi 31:20, those three things are:

  1. Press forward, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men,
  2. Feast upon the words of Christ,
  3. Endure to the end

I wish to discuss the third thing, “endure to the end.”

We know that Christ is “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end” (3 Nephi 9:18 and Rev 1:8, 11; 21:6; 22:13).

Therefore, the phrase “endure to the end” is plainly referring to Jesus Christ as “the end”. In Rev 1:8, the Greek word telos (for “end”) means aim or purpose. The origin of the word telos means to set out for a definite point or goal.

Christ is “the way”. He is our Example. He is our end goal. We are to be like Him.

Christ teaches us in the New Testament:

But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved.

Matthew 24:13

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Mark 13:13

The Greek word endure (hupomeno) means to “stand ground”, to not back down, to not “recede” in the face of opposition, to bear trials, to patiently suffer.

So “endure to the end” is beautifully describing the person who is saved. That person is one who is a true disciple, and who patiently, day after day, comes unto Christ closer and closer by obeying His voice.